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How to grow your business in the event industry with a simple investment

How has the event business changed? This is the question that those who work in the sector should ask themselves to better understand the needs of their customers and to turn their business around with small investments aimed at updating their product range.

Aligning one's rental service with the quality standards dictated by the current fashion may seem like a chore but it actually isn't a complicated or expensive choice. Introducing a single element of high design can be enough to give the whole range of products the added value necessary to create a strong emotional impact and ensure that an event stays in the memory of those who experienced it.

The season of outdoor events is just around the corner and every year it becomes more and more difficult to give what everyone is looking for: something genuinely innovative, new, and surprising.

So how can you create an original and always trendy setting, that can win over even the most demanding customers?
The most established companies working in the events sector know well that the imperative is to excite, and you can do this by paying great attention and care to every detail.

Every event of any type consists of many brief moments and each of these moments must be managed correctly to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This often requires a separation of the environments through choices concerning both the furnishing and the design of roof structures.

Set up by Italtende

"Up until not so long ago, event organisers and rental companies used to make their settings using mainly small and large modular gazebos," says Giulio Barbieri, manufacturer of professional aluminium gazebos since 1990.

"For some time now, the demand of many operators has changed radically. A big part of the world of communication and entertainment today is left in the hands of architects and designers who are asked to develop exciting projects with strong and distinctive characters.

Among the most common requests is to emphasise the entrance to the venue or to create an annexe structure for chilling out and aperitifs. As a result, our customers, even our old clients, often ask us to add awning structures, characteristic of outdoor furniture, to the classic gazebos, thus introducing elements of high design within their product range – a simple detail that takes the concept of the event to the next level."

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Inside you will find all the technical specifications and many examples of use.

"Luckily, our company started as professional gazebo manufacturer and, when we began to develop our range dedicated to outdoor furniture, we continued to apply the same construction principles that characterise our event structures to pergolas and shade sails."

Continues Giulio Barbieri "It allowed us to create pergolas and shade sails that are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, characterised by a design that is perfectly compatible with the rental world.

Our sails are designed to be put up temporarily, thanks to the installation of elegant round concrete ballasts that also serve as seats. And so, we created a new branch of our company, that of the Outdoor, always taking into account the practicality and versatility that the event sector requires!"


Shipyard - Set up by Italtende

For the 2020 events, our customers are no longer limited to gazebos: a white shade sail on a green lawn can give lightness and brightness to a catering area, or it can create a dynamic entrance of a refreshment area with tables.

"You'll never get a second chance to make a good first impression" which is why it is essential to add value to the facilities that welcome visitors to the event.

Among the Giulio Barbieri products dedicated to outdoor furniture, there is the modern gazebo Qzebo with a low peak and the shading canopies, like Kube, Onda, and Vela. These products with modern and simple design could be the ideal solution to create welcoming and finely furnished environments.

Therefore, introducing a few structures that are different from the classic gazebo is a winning choice, as it allows the organisers of more ambitious events to distinguish themselves from the more traditional ones.

Our advice is to support the creativity of your customers and be confident that the Giulio Barbieri product is always a guarantee of high quality and practicality.

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