Blog / French inspiration: the ecological transition "underway" in France influences Giulio Barbieri's offer.

French inspiration: the ecological transition "underway" in France influences Giulio Barbieri's offer.

France is on course to get 100% of its energy from renewable sources. As such, Giulio Barbieri is strengthening its presence in the regional market through its photovoltaic technology. The revolution began with the advent of solar energy. The French government has embarked on the path of reducing atomic energy in favor of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic energy.

Sunlight offers more than just the feeling of well-being. Indeed, exposure to an adequate amount of sunlight has been shown to have physical and psychological benefits for children. A 2012 French study of over 2,000 children across Europe found that increasing the amount of light in classrooms improved student grades for math and logic tests by up to 15%. The sun is important. But not only does sunlight hold real hidden power that is capable of generating electricity, solar energy is also the source of all energy on Earth. It is thanks to solar radiation that plants are able to carry out photosynthesis and start the virtuous cycle that allows the survival of all life on this planet. But solar radiation is also the source of winds, tides, and fossil fuels. As such, the Sun is the primary driver of almost all forms of energy on our planet. So why not use it to our advantage?

With the technological advancements of the late 19th century, it became possible to transform the power of the sun into electricity following the invention of the solar cell. This device converts solar radiation into electricity by exploiting the physical phenomenon known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’. Today, almost 150 years after the invention of the first photovoltaic cell, solar energy developing at a faster pace than more than any other form of renewable energy, by as much as 24% per year according to IRENA’s 2019 report. These are advances are in pace with technological developments that make it possible to build increasingly efficient solar power plants.

Its use is closely associated with economic, ecological, physical, and psychological benefits,  promising a better future for everyone.

France knows this, which is why it has invested, and is still investing, in photovoltaics as a viable source of electricity that will protect the environment and our future. We also do it at Giulio Barbieri.

France has stated its intention to transition from nuclear energy towards renewable energy, particularly photovoltaic energy. As such, it has made significant investments in the creation of the Energy Bank, which allows the owners of photovoltaic panels to store energy without needing batteries.

Giulio Barbieri has strengthened its presence in the French market, partially thanks to its pivot towards solar energy. This clearly expressed through our Eclettica product, which anticipates that renewable energy will soon attract the same degree of attention in Italy as it does in France.

 Aluminium solar carport Pensilsole

How Giulio Barbieri helps the environment with photovoltaic energy.

Our products are the result of research and studies: The aim is not only to make the production process more sustainable, but also to reduce everyone’s daily energy consumption. We devised of a way of designing buildings in the most ecological way possible, optimizing the use of sustainable materials to reduce environmental fallout and energy consumption. This will create buildings that are sustainable and improve the wellbeing of those who live there by respecting the environment in which it is located.

Giulio Barbieri is developing photovoltaic energy technology and applying it to its products – in particular to our Eclettica pergola – to reduce their energy usage.

Using a new form of synthesis, Eclettica harmonizes different technological solutions to respond to a growing sensitivity and demand for "green" products, often associated with the search for total environmental comfort, which aims to satisfy all the senses, including that of hearing. These essential characteristics shape this product, which looks towards the future by securing the coming together of man and nature, and drawing inspiration from this precious renewable energy to provide deep relaxation.

Giulio Barbieri's products are also free from mechanical automation, which further reduces the energy needs of structures, which thus perfectly blend in with the environment without altering the visual balance of the landscape. In our opinion, the luxury does not lie in mechanical automation, but in the ability to respect the environment. A low human impact promotes the blossoming of nature, which is a central part of Giulio Barbieri's philosophy.

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