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Operational rental: advantageous option for the development of your business

5 July 2021 - Our offer does not change, but it is enriched by a new possibility: operational rental allows us to respond to all companies that need our products, especially if they are managing large-scale projects.

Due to the need to invest in technologies and operating infrastructures in the industrial and HORECA sector in general, more than ever products are closely related to the services offered. Now it is possible to redefine and restructure important assets of companies with Giulio Barbieri S.r.l.

Today, as in the near future, innovation, renovation, and infrastructure development represent opportunities for growth and renewal for companies. But very often they are real challenges to be overcome, especially with regard to the lack of liquidity, absorbed by the forced closures of recent years, assets that produce income that allows the payment of a monthly rent, which at the end of the cycle transforms the rental into ownership.


An efficient solution to guarantee modern infrastructures at all times with a total guarantee for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, in addition to an all-risk insurance that covers rented property against any risk, including bad weather.


Operational rental: is an alternative formula to purchase and leasing that is based on the rental of goods for a certain period of time against payment of a predetermined periodic fee. Often the fee includes a series of related services, such as maintenance, installation, and insurance.


Operational rental is based on the awareness that the value of an asset is linked to its use and the advantages and results it brings to the company, with the advantage of recovering the monthly costs and transforming the rental into a purchase at the end of the contractual period.

For this reason, our company offers the operational rental of pergolas and sails, gazebos, extendable tunnels and vehicle-charging structures to meet every customer's need. We believe in sustainable technological and industrial development and we want to promote the growth and progress of our customers' assets, with credible proposals advantageous and simplified from a procedural point of view. 

 Operational rental Giulio Barbieri 2021

Operational rental: what are the advantages for customers

Proposing to a client the operational rental requires them to be tackling important projects from 5.000€ up to 1.000.000€, offering a quality product at a monthly or quarterly fee. This reflects the company's need to develop a sustainable business by moving the bar of the operational limit often linked to the value of the project and the payment method required by the client.

The advantages related to operational rental are many. In addition to purely economic advantages, it allows you to have benefits in terms of practicality and functionality:

Flexible contract

The rental contract is defined in advance, but it can be renegotiated as the need arises. It is therefore a flexible contract that allows the operation to be planned securely and according to the needs of the moment. At the end of the contract, moreover, the client can choose whether to negotiate the purchase of the assets, return them, replace and upgrade them (with more modern models by signing another contract), or extend the duration of the operational rental of the asset already allocated.

Low financial exposure

The only economic contribution is a monthly fee, thus limiting the expense of your project. Moreover, in case of purchase at the end of the rental contract, the monthly rental fees represent the cost recovery for the final purchase. Amounts of the acquired asset are not accounted for by the National Credit Bureau.

Planned and fully deductible fees

As there is no depreciation, the fee paid is considered a service cost. It is fully deductible for both IRAP and IRES purposes. The good is not an asset; the fixed fees have scheduled maturities to facilitate the management of payments by the customer.

New and innovative solar screens

Elegant and functional shadow zones, in line with the most innovative technologies, with no risk of obsolescence. Guaranteeing the best comfort to your customers has never been so easy, thanks to the possibility of always being at the forefront of the market and of your competitors.

Monthly fee: more than just the use of the product

The monthly fee not only covers the simple rental of the structure, but also offers additional services, such as assistance, maintenance, long-term warranty for the entire duration of the contract with an all-risk insurance policy, disposal of the asset, or repurchase at the end of the rental contract.

Operating rental vs Leasing: which one wins?

Operational rental guarantees maximum flexibility in the choice of management of the asset at the end of the rental period, while leasing is a tied contract. At the end of the leasing period the asset must be redeemed, and therefore paid in full.

The operational rental of Giulio Barbieri

Giulio Barbieri's operational rental service is designed to meet the needs of all types of business, but especially those working in hospitality, such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, that need to expand their space and therefore increase their capacity.

The solutions offered by Giulio Barbieri are design structures that can be perfectly integrated in environmental contexts. We create designs capable of grasping the evolution of the contemporary market, with a design always in line with current trends. The company focuses on the outdoor as a point of connection between individuals and nature: an extension that creates new space, without brutally impacting the aesthetics of the landscape.

Moreover, our offer concerning the Industrial Division does not require permits: this represents an important simplification for industries and administrations of all levels.

We offer an innovative and practical commercial solution, which allows us to solve problems related to purchase and final ownership, limiting costs and allowing the renewal of useful equipment throughout the lifespan of your business. This comes with the certainty of always having a high-quality product, guaranteed by the experience of our company. Flexibility, competence, and consulting capacity across a range of industries and fields make Giulio Barbieri the ideal partner for your growth with rental equipment.

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