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Our Extendable Tunnels at Disneyworld for Dronisos' Magical Light Shows

Giulio Barbieri srl from Ferrara is proud to announce the supply of several extendable tunnels on wheels to Dronisos, a leading company in creating spectacular light shows with drones, for Disneyworld Orlando.

Dronisos, the world's leading entertainment company with bright drones

Dronisos - Drone Light Shows specializes in drone entertainment, creating breathtaking light shows. The company intersects art, science, and technology, offering experiences that leave audiences amazed. Their drones fly along complex dynamic trajectories, always maintaining the highest level of safety. With headquarters in Bordeaux (France), Orlando (USA), Dubai (Middle East), and London (United Kingdom), Dronisos ensures the best possible experience for its customers, from choreography design to logistics and safety operations. Now, the drones, sheltered by our tunnels, will contribute to enchanting the audience at Disneyworld Orlando.

Extendable Tunnels on Wheels: all the details of the supply

Dronisos has ordered three extendable tunnels on wheels, each 18 meters long and 11 meters wide. Our tunnels stand out for their aluminum structure, maintenance-free, and durable PVC covering, divided into sections for easy replacement in case of damage. Additionally, they are extendable on wheels and are not motorized. This ensures product longevity, while the opening and closing system is designed to allow quick and easy handling by just two people.

Safe and effective protection for precious equipment at Disneyworld Orlando

The tunnels will be installed inside Disneyworld Orlando, with the aim of protecting technicians during drone preparation and safeguarding the drones themselves when not in use. This need arises from the frequent and heavy rains that have already caused damage to the drones. Dronisos eagerly awaits the arrival of the tunnels to ensure the protection of their precious equipment, thus ensuring that their shows can continue to captivate Disneyworld visitors.


The container with the tunnels will arrive by sea in the coming weeks. The show season at Disneyworld includes two shows per day, offering a continuous and magical attraction for park visitors.

A new milestone achieved

Giulio Barbieri srl is excited to collaborate with Dronisos to support their incredible light shows with drones at Disneyworld. This order represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide innovative and reliable solutions for high-profile events worldwide. We are proud to contribute to creating these breathtaking hi-tech shows, capable of making people dream and thrilling them with incredible light works suspended in the night skies.

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