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Pergola or gazebo? QZEBO!

"Qzebo", the sound of this logo recalls the words "cube" and "gazebo", successfully combined to express the achievement of an ambitious goal: the birth of a modern gazebo, characterised by a pure and minimal shape - a simple parallelepiped.

A gazebo with an innovative design

The peak is reduced to the minimum and almost invisible, thus creating a stylish design that once and for all gets rid of laces, valances, and flags, opting for elegant square profiles rather than the circular ones. The fabric is always kept in perfect tension from the inside using an adjustable push system. The fabric is connected to the structure using a clamping profile, thus avoiding the use of the traditional - and less elegant - fastening system with metallic eyelets.

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Inside you will find all the technical specifications and many examples of use.

A super-strong and easy-to-fit structure

Qzebo inherited all the know-how that made the Giulio Barbieri tents famous all over the world: the high resistance to shocks and bad weather, combined with the exceptional practicality of assembly, are just some of the technical features that for over thirty years continue to make these products extremely popular with professionals in the rental and temporary event sectors.
Purchasing the Giulio Barbieri structures means buying products tested for continuous transportation and assembly/disassembly cycles in any place on the planet, under all weather conditions.

A winter garden

A Qzebo can be closed up using PVC fabric walls, roll-up walls, or glass sliding doors.
Infrared heaters can be installed to make the environment comfortable, even in the coldest months. These options make Qzebo suitable for creating cosy winter gardens to keep in touch with nature at all times.
The venues wishing to renew their image can choose Qzebo to create a modern outdoor area where they can welcome their customers.

Qzebo: patio veranda for outdoor living

Oriental elegance

In 2017 Qzebo was chosen by the company Pico International from Bahrain to build the external stands of the Hurafuna' Handicraft Festival that every year attracts over 75000 visitors from different parts of the world. The project required several Qzebos, and the dome was replaced by a laser-perforated sheet of metal creating the suggestive effect from A Thousand And One Nights.
Qzebo's success in the Emirates was later consolidated through various installations that mainly concern private villas.

Qzebo: patio veranda for outdoor living

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