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Temporary warehouses or permanent?

Here's all you need to know about temporary warehouses before you invest in a traditional industrial structure.

1. Easy to dismantle and relocate

Temporary warehouses do not require foundation excavations to be installed, which brings remarkable advantages that shouldn't be underestimated.

First of all, it makes them easy to move to a new location, which means that if production conditions force a change in the layout of the warehouse or cause new logistical needs in the future, dismantling and assigning a new location to the mobile warehouse would require just under a day's work and a cost of construction equal to zero.

Additionally, in the case of Giulio Barbieri's solutions, since all the retractable tunnels are characterised by an aluminium structure with a pantograph opening system and PVC covering, the dismantling and closing operations are easy to manage.

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Inside you will find all the technical specifications and many examples of use.

2. Quick installation and minimal impact on your business

On average, you can get a mobile warehouse within 4 weeks from the time you place your order.

With a greater flexibility in the planning options and in the absence of technical/architectural opinions to be commissioned and received, temporary warehouses massively reduce implementation times, with minimal impact on the daily production activities.

3. The quote and the actual implementation price correspond

It is often the case that the estimated price for the construction of a structure and the final cost deviate a lot, either because of problems that arise during the construction or because of inaccuracies during the planning process.

This is not the case if you choose a temporary structure, because the quoted price is the price you will actually pay.

Temporary warehouse

4. The extensions are easy to implement and cost-effective

A further advantage of the mobile structures is the possibility of extending the project even after the installation has been completed.

In the specific case of Giulio Barbieri's temporary tunnels, the unique modular structure allows increasing or reducing the size of the mobile warehouse at any time by adding or removing individual inserts of PVC sheets, allowing to reduce production costs that would otherwise be necessary for the construction of a new structure.

5. Customisation based on your needs

Although it is an industrial working environment, even a temporary warehouse can be customised: for example, it is possible to choose windowed walls if you need brighter areas during the daytime.

If the warehouse in question must be located near the front entrance of the company, it is possible to choose the colour of the cover sheets from the many alternatives offered, as well as add branding the structure itself, with logos or icons, making it immediately recognisable.


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