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We really love the environment. But how can we defend ourselves against greenwashing?

5 August 2021 -Beware of false green: ecological bleaching is a marketing strategy aimed at creating a positive but misleading image of oneself in terms of environmental awareness.

These days, it is easy to pass yourself off as an environmentally friendly company, which certainly brings a lot of benefits to companies. But it is quite different to design and bring to market products that are genuinely environmentally friendly and responsible. Never has the issue of environmental health been so present in people's minds. Climate change is more and more evident and and is damaging our daily lives, affecting material assets, and, above all, endangering our health and our futures. Climate change is real and is a serious problem. But, thanks to a large body of research, several solutions have been found that can really help us and the environment.

But what does being sustainable really mean? Environmental sustainability is a very delicate process, consisting of conscious choices that affect the entire production process of a company. More often than not this choice is costly in terms of both money and time.

This is why greenwashing is more and more widespread. It is a facade that hides behind the use of labels such as "green" and "eco", but hardly contributes anything to the health of the ecosystem. For many, environmental policy becomes a simple marketing opportunity aimed at presenting an agreeable corporate image that seems sensitive to environmental issues, but which does not translate into real or measurable results.

“The current era is the era of sustainability-blah, a cacophonous profusion of uses of the term "sustainable" to define something better for the environment, or just fashionable.”

- Robert Engelman

A green brushstroke does not embody the true values ​​of environmentalism, but rather alienates disappointed consumers without helping the environment. We don't believe in 'sustainability-blah', but we do believe in real sustainability that really benefits the environment. We are using our expertise to develop a category of green products and initiatives that can make a tangible contribution to the achievement of the current Sustainable Development Goals. For Giulio Barbieri, producing ecologically sustainable products means scaling up the dissemination and application of the principles that safeguard the planet. Our philosophy is green, and truly green. Giulio Barbieri really reduces its impact on the environment, by examining our production processes, choosing recyclable materials, reducing consumption, and reducing the energy used by our products in everyday life. But it does not stop there: Giulio Barbieri produces products that generate clean and renewable energy using photovoltaic cells to make it available to every citizen on a daily basis.


 Outdoor aluminium canopies for the garden

How does Giulio Barbieri's sustainable philosophy help the environment through the use of recyclable materials

Our products are the result of research and studies. The aim is not only to make the production process more sustainable, but also to reduce everyone’s daily energy consumption. We have not only focused on delivering quality and using highly recyclable materials (remember that considering the purchase of quality products that last for several years already represents a reduction in pollution by minimizing waste) but we have also expanded our offering to provide our customers with useful products that reduce resource usage. We are paving the way for the generalization of residential solar energy.

Choosing products that respect the environment and are easy to recycle makes you feel good. The construction of an outdoor enclosure using an aluminum pergola avoids masonry work and the elimination of associated waste.

Aluminum is a permanent material; that is, a material that does not wear out and can be used and reused over and over again. It is resistant to all types of climactic conditions, requires little maintenance, and is easy to install, dismantle, transport, and dispose. It forms the basis of our offer, thanks to its versatility and aesthetics. Besides the use of aluminum for our outdoor products, we have chosen PVC, which is one of the most easily recyclable plastics.


Eco-sustainability by Giulio Barbieri: green choices in our products

The material from which our extendable tunnels and sanitary doors are made is 100% recyclable. This allows the use of non-permanent structures, even for short periods, without a negative impact on the ecosystem due to their eventual disposal.

Use of Evo-Car and Evo-Bike. We promote the use of electricity in everyday life by making the charging process simple and convenient through vehicle charging stations. We are also promoting the self-service bicycle system, a sustainable choice to reduce consumption.

Realization of multi-technical pergolas. The choice of a pergola, such as Eclettica, to cover an outdoor space makes it possible to create an outdoor living space with adequate ventilation, taking full advantage of sunlight, while ensuring protection against ultraviolet rays.

Yes to solar energy. Choose a photovoltaic carport or a photovoltaic bioclimatic pergola to produce clean, renewable energy from the sun, yielding versatility and environmental sustainability in one product. This saves energy for heating or cooling homes or for charging electric or hybrid cars at no cost, without using energy from non-renewable resources.

Sustainability is also supported by correct and transparent communication. We prefer facts to spin, and we try to demonstrate this through our daily actions. We are well aware of how our daily choices impact our collective well-being, negatively or positively. What is certain is our desire to be actively involved in helping to build a healthier world and a sustainable future for all. We don't want to present ourselves as the saviors of the planet, but as engineers and entrepreneurs with a vision. We make products for the present and the future. We are looking for people who not only understand the full range of ecological values, but who are also able and willing to live them. We are looking for people who want to make changes for themselves, their loved ones, and future generations. These visionaries are our clients.

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