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Aluminium carports

Solutions for small and large car parks with PVC fabric, solar panel or sandwich panel canopies.


ROOF COVER: PVC roof cover or sandwich roof cover
MAX. SIZES: 6 parking lots


ROOF COVER: solar panels
MAX. SIZES: 6 parking lots

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Oslo, the European Green Capital of 2019, hosts Giulio Barbieri's solar carports

Move About, a renowned Norwegian company, chose Pensilsole, a solar carport manufactured by the Ferrara-based Giulio ...

The bike charger and the solar carport by Giulio Barbieri make an appearance at Key Energy 2019 in Rimini

Smart City Project’s Group and Green Energy Italia chose our products, the Evo-Bike bike charger and the Pensilsole solar ...

Pi.Effe.Ci. S.r.l. chooses solar carports for solar energy self-consumption

Pi.Effe.Ci., a manufacturer of pipe clamps for the marine oil-pressure, pneumatics, and industrial piping sectors, has ...

The public hospital of Ravenna chooses 4 solar carports for its solar energy self-consumption

The public hospital of Ravenna installs 4 solar carports by Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. to make up a total of 200 kW of energy ...