Events / CarportUnion takes the Pensilsole solar carport to the Internationale Grüne Woche in Berlin

CarportUnion takes the Pensilsole solar carport to the Internationale Grüne Woche in Berlin

Our business partner CarportUnion is bringing the Pensilsole solar carports by Giulio Barbieri to Berlin for IGW - Internationale Grüne Woche, the Berlin International Green Week.

CarportUnion is a long-term business partner of the Ferrara-based Giulio Barbieri. The company from Strausberg, Brandenburg designs roofing solutions such as wooden and aluminium carports.

Internationale Grüne Woche 2020

CarportUnion decided to exhibit at its IGW stand the Pensilsole Middle model of solar carport designed by Giulio Barbieri to show to the public at the fair how to implement a sustainable and complete photovoltaic system. An electric car will be parked under the solar carport to illustrate the entire system at its best. In this way, visitors will be able to experience the complete solution consisting of a charging station, a solar carport, and an electric vehicle.

Solar carport PensilsoleThe Berlin International Green Week is the most significant international fair dedicated to food, agriculture, and horticulture.
The 85th edition of IGW will take place from 17th to 26th January 2020 at the well-known Messe Berlin exhibition grounds. Founded in Berlin in 1926, IGW is the starting point of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA). Over 80 international ministries and food producers meet here to exhibit all the innovations in the fascinating world of agriculture and sustainability.
In the context of this exhibition, CarportUnion's proposal wants to promote sustainability at 360 degrees and show an example of how you can produce energy using just the solar radiation - the primary source of energy on Earth.  

Solar carport Pensilsole

Tradition looks towards the future
All those in the business know how important it is to be able to rely as much on the certainties of tradition as on being able to innovate in order to strive in the current market.
The questions concerning renewable raw materials, agriculture, and horticulture are becoming more and more vital and we, at Giulio Barbieri, are very proud to participate at IGW and showcase one of our most innovative products together with our partner CarportUnion.

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