News / A matter of contrasts: simple and complex coexist in Giulio Barbieri's Outdoor product offer

A matter of contrasts: simple and complex coexist in Giulio Barbieri's Outdoor product offer

Functional products, with elegant and quality design, rich in customization possibilities, and easy to use: these are the needs of customers today. Our Outdoor product range is ready to meet their demands with the practicality of the simple and the functionality of the complex.

Complex and complicated: it's all about harmony and design

In order to introduce the philosophy that can be found in the style of Giulio Barbieri's pergolas and sails, we want to start from the concept of complexity: difficult to define and easy to misunderstand, this concept is often confused with complication, and thus seen as the antithesis of simplicity. But "complex" and "complicated" are two very different terms.

If we go back, in fact, to the etymology of the words, we see that complicated derives from the Latin cum plicum, meaning "with folds", while complex derives from the Latin cum plexum, meaning "with knots", as in “weaving”, “fabrics”, and “interwoven”.

The folds obscure the message, wrapped around themselves, hiding clarity, requiring additional effort. A problem is complicated when it is the consequence of multiple causes that are difficult to deduce and lacking in any internal logic.

Interweaving, on the other hand, is a set of parts that interact harmoniously, and without these small parts it has no sense of existence: an object is complex when it is composed of small things, which can also be very simple, but together they generate something new and completely different. 

"Complexity is a state of the world, complication a state of mind." - Donald A. Norman

In complexity, it is possible to discern an underlying structure of order. This is why simple and complex coexist in our offerings: our range includes complex products that have undergone deep simplification processes. We offer an essential aesthetic, but also practical: minimal design, simplicity of use and maintenance, but with the possibility of customization and complex functionality, resulting from years of study and know-how.

Multi-technological pergola

Convenience and functionality: our offer aims to facilitate the use and management of outdoor products

As internationally renowned designer Donald A. Norman explains, when designing a product, the starting point must be a precise analysis of human behavior. Only in this way is it possible to design products and solutions, even extremely complex ones, that are easy to use and not unnecessarily complicated.

Currently, the market offers more and more technological and advanced products, but which are difficult to use and maintain. Technology, however innovative, always brings with it complications. Simplification is entrusted to aids and devices that most often add difficulty: the possibility of damage, usability problems, and constant maintenance that bring anything but benefits to the customer.

Our company, while making innovation its raison d'être, aims to simplify, since the customer's needs are our first concern: Giulio Barbieri offers outdoor complements able to welcome evolution and to adapt to the changes that the external environment stimulates, characterized by an easy access and user-friendly approach.

Therefore, to manual operation, we have decided to include in our product range the manual operation of pergolas and sails at the expense of electricity. What does this mean? Obtaining a product with essential aesthetics and practicality; easy to install and with a limited need for maintenance. The consumer installs the chosen product in full autonomy, without having to worry about managing or planning after-sales maintenance. You have an extremely smart vision of the outdoors thanks to the interactive owner's manual, which allows you to experience the object without the stress of complication.

The customer obtains, as a consequence, a reduction in time and cost of post-sales management, having in his hands an innovative product with a design always in step with the times. In a nutshell: easy to use, easy to manage!

Moreover, the customer can count on the quality of materials and attention to detail that characterizes Giulio Barbieri: pergolas, sails, gazebos, and all other products in the range have innovative features and resistant materials, produced by leading companies in the industry, as well as the possibility of customizing the product with a series of options according to their needs, all in a smart, ready-to-use perspective.

We believe that complexity is part of the world and of our lives, but that it is necessary to understand how to make the most of it, by exploring its essence, unravelling its knots, and putting innovation at the service of usability; an evolution that simplifies our lives and helps with our daily management, resisting any unnecessary, superfluous, and annoying complication.

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