News / A new brand identity for Giulio Barbieri, with sustainability, innovation and design at heart

A new brand identity for Giulio Barbieri, with sustainability, innovation and design at heart

Much more than just a new look: the rebranding of Giulio Barbieri brings out the need for a return to the basics. A declaration of intent that looks to the near future, where innovation and sustainability play a key role.

We have made a change that will allow us to reconcile responsibilities and share them with the consumer on an equal footing. This change emerges from the rebranding of Giulio Barbieri, since always an ambassador of a narrative that goes back centuries, strongly linked to the land and its fruits. 

Our mission borrows the spirit of cultivating, tilling, fertilising, irrigating, and harvesting the soil. Staying faithful to this model, we cultivate human relationships and create products giving all the time needed for their ripening and harvesting, just as it happens in nature. For over thirty years, our company has followed and interpreted the market, creating products that capture and enhance its evolution, with a design that is always in tune with the trends. As always, looking into the future, with the flexibility and dynamism that defines us.

Today, more than ever, we feel the need for a return to the basics, to usability, focusing on the few things that really matter and combining a shared corporate ethos that pays off, creates value and opportunities.  A paradigm shift in continuity with the choices and evolutions experienced in recent years, which can already be seen in the new logo and lends itself perfectly to various uses.

What are its main features? Essential style, body, and soul, with normality as the new aesthetic, clean lines and monochrome. It describes the essence of the company in a few lines, its four divisions and the people who make them up, supporting the brand and the whole company. This linearity recalls a focal point of Giulio Barbieri, the attention to Design: an evolutionary change that moulds itself according to the needs of the historical period, that contributes to interpreting the transformations of the world and of the times in which we live, giving them a positive and functional connotation. At this time, when we are facing earthshaking transformations on several fronts - the Covid crisis first and foremost, but also the climate emergency - there is an urgent need for design and ideas that can come to the rescue. 

We are also redefining our overall offer: the green and outdoor products are at the heart of our proposal, just as much as innovation and quality of the materials that have always characterised us. The new and unexplored lifestyle, the need for a return to a more intimate, introspective dimension, have brought to light new needs in people. Our take on the mission of Outdoor products is to provide a point of connection between people and nature, an extension that creates a new space, without brutally obstructing the aesthetics of the landscape. The view is never disrupted, on the contrary, it enchants and accompanies the eye towards a uniform space.

Last but not least, the rebranding focuses on sustainability. Our priority is to focus on systems that use renewable energy sources as a coherent response to the need to preserve and respect the ecosystem. A feature that adds to the elegance and refinement of the lines that have always characterised Giulio Barbieri's Outdoor products, as well as to the practicality and versatility of all our solutions, whether for the corporate, Horeca, or residential world. 

So this is our philosophy: a unique, practical design that adapts to the needs of any landscape, where the common thread is the search for a world where clean lines blend perfectly with nature, enhancing and not dampening, amplifying and not destroying.

Rebranding 2021


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