News / A Qzebo-style veranda for the New Lido restaurant and bar

A Qzebo-style veranda for the New Lido restaurant and bar

On the shores of Baselga di Pinè lake, at the foot of plateau of the same name in the province of Trento, the owners of the New Lido pinseria restaurant have revealed their brand new veranda, created using the Giulio Barbieri aluminium verandas, with the help of our partner Rapid Srl of Trento.

Today we are on the Pinè plateau in the province of Trento, where a historic food kiosk , located right on the shore of Lago della Serraia, reopened under the name of New Lido in April of this year.


The entire building has recently been renovated. The old architectural style was preserved but the set-up of the place has was changed. There is a fitness area on the upper floors, while on the ground floor accommodates a restaurant and a wine bar with over 50 labels. There is also a relaxation area on the beach.

During the summer season, the venue can hold up to 300 people, but this number is drastically reduced in winter due to the lack of closed and heated spaces.

However, from Saturday 26th October, this will change, thanks to the two aluminium Qzebo verandas by Giulio Barbieri. The patrons of New Lido will now be able to have an aperitif in the new heated winter garden with a lake view.

Patio veranda for outdoor livingWe had a chat with Edy Ravanelli, the father of the current owners and the supervisor of his children's business, to better understand the needs that led them to choose the Giulio Barbieri verandas and the results they achieved.

What needs did the Giulio Barbieri products help you fulfil?

My family and I wanted to extend the season by creating a covered and heated outdoor terrace where our customers can have an aperitif even in winter. Furthermore, there are several ski trails nearby, so we decided to close the wooden kiosk and turn it into an apres-ski venue, where our guests can relax after the strenuous exercise in the company of good music and appetisers.

Dehor per giardino d'invernoDehor per giardino d'inverno 2

Which Giulio Barbieri products did you choose and why?

To cover the terrace we used two 5x5 m Qzebos with a Zip closure, made of transparent turtledove PVC. We chose Qzebo for its modern and sharp design that shows the youthful style of the venue and integrates perfectly with the architectural style of the building. We also installed the Zip closure and a sliding wall on the wooden kiosk, because it is a safe, practical, and easy-to-use system.

Patio veranda for outdoor living

Did you have to make any changes to adapt the products to your needs?

Yes, there is a pellet stove on the terrace, so the Giulio Barbieri company helped us to modify and make a hole in the structure to let out the chimney.

Structural change of Qzebo

How did your business start?

My sons, Nicolas and David Ravanelli, though very young (23 and 18), are the current owners. As well as wanting to give life to a historical venue, that had been closed for a long time, they wanted to offer something new in the Trentino area, by introducing the Pinsa Romana (typical Roman focaccia) which will be available in classic and gourmet versions, combined with a careful selection of wines and local craft beers. To make sure that they were following the authentic recipe of the real Pinsa Romana, our sons invited their mentors to verify the hardness and the quality of the water - factors which play an essential role in the preparation of the dough and the leavening.

"Pinsa" del New Lido Pinsa


What was the opening ceremony like?

I, my children, and all the crew are very satisfied with the result. We had the Vin Brulè Party which was really successful. We even invited two DJs to perform at the event. The terrace is very popular, we have received a lot of compliments and for this, I would like to thank once again Giulio Barbieri for helping us create this beautiful heated veranda, equipped with all amenities - a real treat for our guests!

Inaugurazione "Lidosfera" e "Giardino d'inverno" Inaugurazione "Lidosfera" e "Giardino d'inverno"

The result of twenty years of experience, Qzebo is a new and modern product that offers all the perks of the classic tent. It's modular, with gutters that connect structures and ensure complete protection from rain, it's reliable, made with quality materials, durable and simple, with a design that allows an easy and fast assembly.

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