News / Albatro, the retractable awning loved by public administrations

Albatro, the retractable awning loved by public administrations

The minimal design of 'Albatro' has conquered the Public Administration of the city of Alba (Cuneo): in addition to the classic umbrellas, our awnings are the only fully removable structures that have been given permission to install during the summer months!

It's safe to say that the Albatro” retractable awning by Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. of Ferrara, distributed by “Manufatti Sant'Antonio di Pontiglione Luigia & C” of Monticello D'Alba, became a great success in the Piedmont city of Alba, in the province of Cuneo.

It is well known that in Italy, the local regulations vary in each municipality and sometimes formal restrictions can be imposed not only on architecture but also on urban design.

In the case of Alba, the only shady structures that could be used to protect tourists and citizens from the summer sun were the classic beach umbrellas until the introduction of Albatro - a retractable awning with a sliding roof, made entirely in Italy.

Retractable cantilevered roof

The name “Albatro” is inspired by the Charles Baudelaire poem “The Albatross”, from the famous collection 'The Flowers of Evil', in which the poet's desire for lightness and elevation is compared to this marine bird, a symbol of freedom and absence of limits. The design of Albatro takes inspiration from the flight of an albatross and blends with the urban fabric of the city with extreme lightness and harmony, adding a modern touch without creating extreme contrasts.

Retractable cantilevered roof


For its ease of architectural integration, the municipal administration has allowed the use of this model of pergola to three local venues: the wine shop “La Sacrestia”, the pizzeria “La Duchessa”, and the restaurant “L'insolito Caffé”, who were required to free the area entirely during the winter months so that it could be used as a public parking lot. For this purpose, special plates were designed and installed on the surface of the ground, thanks to which it is possible to set up the supporting structure in just a few minutes.

Retractable cantilevered roof

“We are very pleased with this product, and so are our customers, who have been able to refresh the image of their premises with a modern and stylish design, increasing the perceived value of the services they offer. I believe that other municipal administrations can easily approve these structures as alternatives to the classic beach umbrellas. In the meantime, we can say that we are delighted to have contributed to renewing the image not only of the three venues but of the whole city,” says Alberto Muratore, the owner of “Manufatti Sant'Antonio di Pontiglione Luigia & C”.
In the more forward-thinking and open-minded municipalities it will, therefore, be possible to say goodbye to the picturesque umbrellas and choose an awning structure that is just as light, but extremely modern, stylish, and with attention to detail.

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