News / The first free disinfection service for ambulances and police cars in Cento (Ferrara)

The first free disinfection service for ambulances and police cars in Cento (Ferrara)

On Tuesday, 21st July, the Municipality of Cento, province of Ferrara, saw the inauguration of Sanitary Gate XL, the tunnel designed for the sanitisation of goods and vehicles manufactured by Giulio Barbieri SRL.

This is the crowning achievement of a project coveted by the Municipality of Cento and made possible thanks to the virtuous collaboration between Cassa di Risparmio di Cento and CMV Servizi.

The Sanitary Gate XL sanitising tunnel was positioned at CMV Servizi's headquarters in Cento in via Malamini and will be available for the use of the community. All vehicles of medical and hospital facilities, law enforcement agencies, and volunteering associations in the area will be able to use the tunnel completely free of charge.

This is a truly innovative project that will allow a rapid sanitisation of the vehicles for all those who serve the community of Cento on a daily basis.
The Municipality of Cento is the first Italian municipality to provide a facility of this kind – a useful service to try to help prevent more Covid-19 cases.

"As a bank, we had allocated a contribution to run initiatives together with the Municipality of Cento for the benefit of the local community," explains Giuseppe Pallotta, director of CaRiCe. "We started by providing 5,000 masks to the health care professionals, then we bought three room sanitising machines and now, with this tunnel, we have reached the final stage."

Sanitary Gate

The authorities cut the ribbon at the official inauguration ceremony of Sanitary Gate XL

The Sanitary Gate tunnel has a highly efficient and functional system. It can be opened and closed very quickly, thus reducing the storage space and making its movement and transportation extremely easy. Inside, a system of nozzles sprays a solution of Drop360°, a safe and tested sanitising product produced exclusively for Giulio Barbieri. It can be sprayed on people without any negative effects on health and has a certified effectiveness of up to 99% against viruses, including the Coronavirus.
Sanitary Gate is a tested, safe, and effective method which takes just 5 seconds to sanitise people and only 3 minutes to work on goods and vehicles, guaranteeing a reduction of up to 99% of any pathogenic microbes present on surfaces.
"The concept was born 72 hours before the lockdown and since then Sanitary Gate saw more than 2,400 requests from all over the world, from Panama to Dubai, from Australia to Nigeria," explains Giulio Barbieri. "We are the only ones not to have experienced a setback in our field and on the market. These new sanitising tunnels are in fact today the fifth line in our product range."

The sanitization process
"Today we inaugurated the first tunnel that sanitises cars and their air conditioning units. It will be available free of charge from now on to all the vehicles of volunteering associations in our community, as well as police cars and ambulances. In a short time, it will also be available to all the citizens. This project is the result of a collaboration of the Municipality with the Ferrara-based company Giulio Barbieri and the Cassa di Risparmio di Cento Bank, which donated the necessary funds to support the project. We are proud to be the first municipality in Italy to have made this service available for the community. The tunnel is located at CMV Servizi, who is going to manage it and whom I thank for joining this initiative," said Fabrizio Toselli, the Mayor of Cento.

This afternoon highlighted how a collaboration can make even the most ambitious ideas possible. A real synergy between the different parts of a community: on the one hand the institutional part in the face of the Municipality of Cento and the people who are part of it, on the other hand the companies and entrepreneurs who make their work available to the local community.
It is, therefore, a source of great pride for us to have been involved in such a worthy project with Sanitary Gate, a product born during a serious emergency that has affected all of us.

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