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Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. at Batimat in Paris

We look forward to seeing you at Batimat in Paris from October 03 to 06, 2022 with some of the most revolutionary innovations in the outdoor design industry. We embarked on a path of growth and implementation knowing that the market demanded much more than what it could offer. Our hero is the Consumer who is the mirror of contemporary society.

Europe is our dimension, and regionalisms, like cultural identities, are the real wealth that animates our work.

Making ourselves known and cultivating relationships with the people is a priority for us, in fact we will land in Paris from October 3-6, 2022, participating in the Batimat international trade fair.

We connoted our presence by designing and realizing a paradigmatic Stand that represents all the walls in our societies: in our case the wall is breached, crossed by our products as an osmotic boundary, where the passage becomes an opportunity for rebirth and transformation.

It is in the visionary act of probing beyond that new ideas are born and the existing redesigned: it is by breaking down walls that one is able to see and meet the other, grasping what are the real needs of society in the present time, projecting them into the future.

Thus we rethought the meaning of " pergola " by including new points of view not yet considered, primarily that of a growing green consciousness.

Thus was born Eclettica, the isothermal pergola with an integrated photovoltaic system that can offer maximum protection from rain and total comfort to satisfy all senses, including hearing, in all months of the year.

Eclectica will be joined by other stuctures embodying the same values and similarly constituting a break with existing archetypes, such as Qzebo, the gazebo with a modern and distinctive design where the roof is transformed, adopts a very small vertical extension gaining in performance, strength and acquiring a unique and unmistakable Design.

These and other absolute novelties will be waiting for you at our booth.

Giulio Barbieri, proud to be.




Eclettica solar pergola


Solar pergola
with integrated photovoltaic system

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