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Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. changes its logo

Dynamism, design, and "made in Italy". These are the key concepts that led to the creation of the new logo of Giulio Barbieri S.r.l.

A logo that conveys the Giulio Barbieri company's desire to keep up with the times and with the demands of a constantly evolving market, but also to convey the passion and seriousness that characterise its 30 years of business.

Giulio Barbieri logo

The lines of the logo are clean and refined, in perfect harmony with the stylistic choices made by the company and are aimed at the new market - that of the outdoor structures - in which Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. intends to play a competitive role and which represents another launchpad for its products.

"Our new logo is not intended to be a simple renewal of the image" commented President Barbieri, "but a real stance in a market that for some time now has attracted our attention. We are positive that we can offer a structured series of exclusive designs and functional products that last over time.

The decision to give up the colours of the old logo to include a hint to the Italian flag is a choice that declares the authenticity and quality of our products and expresses the value of the made in Italy".

In short, a breath of fresh air both in the image and in the strategy of the company oriented to satisfy the requests of the new target audience, more prepared and demanding than ever, by offering a new range of products that combine design and originality to the quality of an all-Italian production.

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