News / Giulio Barbieri's event tents at the BMW International Open 2019

Giulio Barbieri's event tents at the BMW International Open 2019

Giulio Barbieri's event tents hosted the BMW International Open 2019, the European men's golf tournament, won by the Italian Andrea Pavan who gained the second European Tour title of his career.

The event took place in Bavaria, on the Eichenried Golf Club course in Munich, where our long-term partner Zimmermann Zeltbauten from Tengen, the official BMW supplier, installed nearly 30 event tents certified by Tüv.


The champion Andrea Pavan

The champion Andrea Pavan

The project involved the creation of an articulated hospitality area, with a hall, a catering area, a small concert hall, and various spaces used as showrooms.
BMW chose the tents with aluminium structure on the outside of the cover sheets, in order to offer their guests a more welcoming environment that is free from visual obstacles.
"This is not the first time that BMW has chosen Giulio Barbieri products for this type of event. In 2016, they chose our professional tents for the BMW Golf Cup International and now Zimmermann Zeltbauten signed a long-term contract for the supply of tents for the European Tour," says Giulio Barbieri. "This was possible thanks to the high quality of the product and, above all, the high quality of the work carried out by our closest collaborators. Zimmermann Zeltbauten is, without a doubt, one of the loyal customers that we care most about. Over the last thirty years, we have carried out many sports-related projects, such as prestigious horse racing tournaments, as well as other events and entertainment. For example, we supplied event tents for "Europa Park", a famous German amusement park."


gazebo per eventi e catering, gazebo veranda per hospitality

Zimmermann Zeltbauten is a company based near the city of Tengen, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. For the past 40 years it has been working in the field of textile architecture, producing tensile structures of the highest quality, both for residential and event purposes.

"The tent is part of our culture here in Germany and it is often used for all kinds of events, from the smallest to the most prestigious. Giulio Barbieri tents are very popular because the design is very sophisticated, unlike other types of iron structures, which tend to be much more spartan," says Ronald Burgau, managing director of Zimmermann Zeltbauten. "The wide range of shapes, the possibility to customise the size of the structures and the design of the cover sheets, allows us to succeed on any kind of project. For example, for the BMW International Open, the client asked us for a 3.5 m high gazebo for a show area. We built a structure with corner reinforcements, specifically designed to ensure its safety, and even in this case, as for the other tents, we had no problem obtaining the Tüv certification, without which we wouldn't have been allowed to set up the tents. Another factor that makes us extremely satisfied with Giulio Barbieri is the remarkably short delivery time, especially in stressful situations of great urgency. For example, when we have no option to postpone the installation and must get the structures ready in the shortest time possible. We can, therefore, say that we are very satisfied with the professionalism and zeal with which they have always supported us.”


Gazebo per eventi e catering, gazebo veranda per hospitality

Giulio Barbieri's aluminium tents continue to be chosen by operators in the events sector, as they are quick to set up, can withstand being moved from place to place continuously, and assembled and disassembled frequently for many years. The company also guarantees to provide spare parts in the shortest possible time. In this field of work, the speed of assembly/disassembly and the high quality of materials and design are the essential characteristics for any successful business.

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