News / Italy - Self-Energy charges electric car I-MiEV by Mitsubishi

Italy - Self-Energy charges electric car I-MiEV by Mitsubishi

02/05/2011 - Giulio Barbieri supplier of charging stations for electric cars Mitsubishi

The company Giulio Barbieri concluded supply agreements for electric vehicle charging stations with the Japanese industrial giant MITSUBISHI to promote the electric citycar i-MiEV.
MITSUBISHI, the prestigious car brand, is promoting in the Italian market the new line of innovative and zero emissions electric cars i-MiEV. The electric car charging stations by Giulio Barbieri S.p.A. contribute to the success of the launch with an added value.
Self-Energy is a SOLAR charging station. It is equipped with a stand-alone photovoltaic plant. It can be easily installed without foundation works. In addition it is connected to electrical grid for 24 hours a day power supply.
Pictures refer to A.F.Motors srl car dealership in Cagliari, where the ev charger has been provided with a wind turbine to take advantage of the windy climate and to increase energy storage.

Self Energy - Cagliari - Mitsubishi iMiev


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