News / Qzebo on the banks of the Thames: Tower Bridge is the perfect setting for simplicity, elegance, and spatial harmony

Qzebo on the banks of the Thames: Tower Bridge is the perfect setting for simplicity, elegance, and spatial harmony

The minimalist design blends in perfectly with the surroundings: thanks to the modern design of the Qzebo gazebo, guests of Coco Restaurant in London can enjoy their meals outdoors, while savoring a breathtaking view of Tower Bridge.

This option is valued both by the restaurant, which has can increase its seating capacity, but also by customers who can enjoy London, whatever the season, in comfort.

A brand new restaurant in central London on the banks of the River Thames required the creation of an outdoor space where guests could relax and dine while admiring one of the world's most famous architectural structures, Tower Bridge. The modern Qzebo gazebo by Giulio Barbieri is the ideal product to create an elegant and minimal outdoor space, that is seamlessly able to match architectural style with its urban context.

We are in London, a multifaceted city whose landscapes are the scene of a story takes place between the past and the present. The modern style of the London Eye ferris wheel blends with the gracious outline of the Palace of Westminster. Imposing skyscrapers and futuristic bridges rub shoulders with Gothic cathedrals. The light and colors of traditional British front doors illuminate and contrast with the city’s famously gray clouds. Different historical ears are piled on top of one another and overlap, and blur and combine. It is these harmonious and natural layers of context that make London unique and incomparable.

Our objective? To enhance the contrasts of the city with a simple and elegant backdrop that is able to highlight the landscape in a unique setting, while directing customers’ eyes to nearby points of interest; in this case Tower Bridge.

With this mind, we have installed on the banks of the Thames a set of Qzebos arranged so as to enhance and enlarge the exterior of the Coco restaurant. Refined and versatile, the Qzebo is a modern gazebo with a sleek design that is ideal for enlarging the restaurant’s outdoor capacity, giving the space a unique and simple character that can be enjoyed in all seasons.

The result of 20 years of experience, Qzebo is designed to adapt to modern environments, overturning the stereotype of the classic gazebo. Modularity, is offered by gutters that connect with other structures and guarantee total shelter against precipitation. Reliability is guaranteed by quality materials that are resistant to long-term exposure, and by the simplicity built into its style and design.

The product is characterized by a simple design that is able to integrate perfectly into its environment by virtue of its sleek form, without disturbing the landscape. Indeed, it breaks the mold of the traditional gazebo, abandoning the high dome, uprights, and circular section and instead offering a more rigorous and minimalist alternative, radically departing from traditional gazebo design.

Design and setup by Aura Custom Solutions

The range of warm colors available, as well as the matte finish provided using oven-hardened epoxy powder, increases the quality of the product and its resistance to wear and tear, giving the Qzebo a more welcoming appearance that is in perfect harmony with natural elements.

We have satisfied our client’s expectations. Using Giulio Barbieri’s outdoor products, it is possible to create a sense of aesthetic coherence, where the colors and materials of the pergolas and gazebos blend with the colors and textures of any surrounding environment, without clashing with the background, while saluting the contrasts and character of a cosmopolitan city like London, shaping themselves into a thoroughly harmonious whole.

Qzebo is the perfect frame for the world: balance, symmetry, and minimal aesthetics celebrate every landscape that the world has granted us, giving significance to every small yet very important characteristic.


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