News / "Sanitary Gate", the sanitising tunnel for the construction sites of one of the main italian underground networks

"Sanitary Gate", the sanitising tunnel for the construction sites of one of the main italian underground networks

One of the world's best-known companies, specialising in the construction of large projects and complex infrastructures for mobility, energy, and tunnelling, installed several Sanitary Gate sanitising tunnels, manufactured by the Ferrara-based firm Giulio Barbieri S.r.l.

Every day approximately 400 workers pass through the Sanitary Gate while wearing a protective mask. The sanitising tunnel, equipped with 12 spraying nozzles integrated into the structure, can saturate the environment, and instantly sanitise all the exposed surfaces, even in the most hidden places.


The company had to guarantee maximum environmental safety on site, especially inside the underground tunnels, where it is difficult to ensure a constant airflow. A further difficulty was due to the fact that it was not possible to equip people with additional protective overalls or gowns, given the presence of machines with rotating parts that make it extremely dangerous for operators to wear loose-fitting clothing.

Hence the idea of providing a sanitising tunnel in order to increase the level of safety by disinfecting people and equipment at the entrance of the site.

«We have developed an exclusive and versatile spraying system capable of mixing sanitising products with mains water using a high-precision dosing unit or spraying a ready-to-use blend. Furthermore, we equipped the tunnel with presence detectors and traffic lights, in order to automatically regulate the flow of people and optimise the consumption of the sanitising product,» says the owner Giulio Barbieri.

«This important client, whose name we cannot disclose today for privacy reasons, asked us to develop a pilot project with two Sanitary Gates, each one tasked with sanitising about 400 workers a day. The whole operation takes just over half an hour and uses approximately 50 litres of the ready-made blend, so about 12 cl for each user. This first batch has been a great success and was met with the enthusiasm of the entire technical team. We have good reason to hope for an extension of the project to all the other sites managed by this major company in the near future».

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Sanitary Gate is supplied already pre-assembled, complete with spraying and electrical systems. As a result, the installation is quick, and the tunnel can be manually closed and moved in a just few minutes. A practical solution that can help companies provide their employees with a working environment that meets the high safety standards necessary in order to cope with the current pandemic.

The Sanitary Gate sanitation tunnel for instant disinfection of people and goods naturally lends itself to many other applications, helping to maintain a high level of hygiene in crowded environments, such as public transport or the small and large retail sector.

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