News / Sanitary Gate - The tunnel for hygienisation and sanitisation to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

Sanitary Gate - The tunnel for hygienisation and sanitisation to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

Giulio Barbieri is a company that exports gazebos, pergolas, carports, and retractable tunnels all over the world. However, given the health emergency of the recent times, the company adapted its production to provide Sanitary Gates, tunnels that can be used to instantly disinfect and sanitise people, goods, equipment, and vehicles such as ambulances that also need internal decontamination.

The fight against the Coronavirus pandemic is putting the whole world to the test.
In these days, the Italian company Giulio Barbieri Srl has come up with a new solution aimed at containing the contagion - the Sanitary Gate, a tunnel for disinfection and sanitisation with an integrated hydraulic system capable of nebulising any type of detergent or sanitising substance.

The tunnel retains the nebulised substance and saturates the entire space with it. Thus, you can instantly disinfect or sanitise all surfaces, even those that are not directly exposed to the nozzles.

Sanitary Gate – Tunnel for hygienisation and sanitisation for ambulances
To ensure its effectiveness and manage the entrances, the access to the tunnel is regulated by a traffic light and a motion detector.
Inside, an absorbent mat soaks up the disinfecting or sanitising substance, thus ensuring that even the surfaces in contact with the ground are thoroughly cleaned.
The nebulisation system is connected to a control unit capable of automatically mixing the chemical product - not supplied by the company - with water in proportions indicated by the manufacturer.

Sanitary Gate Giulio Barbieri

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The applications of this product are countless, starting from the simple sanitation of people at the entrance to supermarkets, ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, and any other highly frequented area.
Even public and private companies can sanitise their employees in a few moments or disinfect the equipment and goods before they are introduced into the plants, helping to maintain a high level of hygiene at all times.

Tunnel for hygienisation and sanitisation - Sanitary Gate Giulio Barbieri
In some areas of the world heavily affected by Covid-19, sanitising ambulances between operations is becoming a problem due to the lack of time. To solve it, Giulio Barbieri created Sanitary Gate XL, a model equipped with closing walls able to decontaminate all types of sanitary vehicles in a just few minutes. All you need to do is leave the vehicle completely open inside the tunnel for a few minutes and wait for the air saturated with the sanitising substance to disinfect all surfaces.

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"Due to the gravity of the situation, we want to help the world deal with it in some way. So we decided to put the experience, competence, and professionalism of our company at the service of everyone. For more than 30 years we have been listening to the needs of the market, we have always stepped up to the challenges by responding with innovative and customised solutions and exporting them all over the world. And now we are ready to take action to increase the level of environmental safety with a solution of the highest construction quality," says the owner Giulio Barbieri.

"This health emergency is deeply changing everyone's life, starting from the perception of interpersonal space and the definition of which behaviours are safe and which are not. This will bring about significant social changes and structures such as the Sanitary Gate are likely to become one of the preventive measures taken in the near future in all areas of life, particularly in the health and transportation sectors."

Today it is essential to take every measure to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible and a disinfection and sanitisation tunnel could be a very valuable tool.

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