News / The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels are at the Stade de Suisse, one of the most ecological stadiums in Europe

The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels are at the Stade de Suisse, one of the most ecological stadiums in Europe

We started 2020 with a very important collaboration. The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels, which continue to be very popular, landed on the green lawn of the Stade de Suisse in Bern, one of the most environmentally friendly stadiums in Europe, capable of producing up to 700,000 kW/h of photovoltaic energy a year.

The players of the Berner Sport Club Young Boys, one of the most prestigious Swiss teams, will enter the playing field of Stade de Suisse by crossing a 15-metre football tunnel Giulio Barbieri. The entire length of the structure was customised with graphics and images dedicated to one of the team's main sponsors: Thomy.
Thomy was acquired by Nestlé in 1971 and is now a leading brand in Switzerland and Germany.

Covered walkwayThe Giulio Barbieri football tunnel was delivered to the Stade de Suisse, a stadium which will be renamed Wankdorf Stadion from summer 2020.
This is a highly innovative and ecological structure: the roof of the stadium is fitted with the largest photovoltaic system in the country. The total area of solar panels reaches 8,000 square meters with about 800 kW of power that guarantees an annual production of electricity of at least 700,000 kW/h.

The highest stand of the stadium is called "plateforme énergie" and hosts an actual monitoring centre with a public information service where visitors can learn about the performance of the photovoltaic system and the different ways that the produced energy is used.
It is currently the largest system of its kind in the world. "Thanks to this project, we have been able to give a new boost to solar energy in other countries as well. There have already been several attempts to imitate us," said the creators of the project.

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Inside you will find all the technical specifications and many examples of use.

This is a reference of great importance for the Ferrara-based company: the Giulio Barbieri retractable tunnels are once again established as the best choice for stadiums all over the world because of their practicality, lightness, and reliability of materials.

The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels can be adapted to stairs and change direction to fit any type of stadium and see the players off to the pitch, overcoming all obstacles.
As it often happens in the sports environment, in this case too, it was decided to fully customise the PVC sheet to advertise one of the main sponsors of the club. A great way to achieve brand visibility is to print the logo on a football tunnel, because it is clearly visible from every point of the stadium and from the stands.

It is important to point out that the entire Giulio Barbieri tunnel coverage is divided into individual modules. If any damage occurs, these can be easily replaced one by one or in their entirety if you are looking for a full rebranding of the tunnel.

Covered walkway

“Boys, boys, boys!”

The Berner Sport Club Young Boys, better known as BSC Young Boys, is a Swiss multi-sports club based in the city of Bern that currently plays in the Super League, the top division of the Swiss football league.
It was established on March 14, 1898, and its colours are yellow and black. The Young Boys football team won thirteen national titles, six Swiss Cups, a Swiss Super Cup and a Swiss League Cup. This team has also played in world-famous competitions such as the European Cup and the Champions League. In recent years, Young Boys won the championship and is currently at the top of the rankings. Bern is once again buzzing with folklore and sporting enthusiasm: the city is full of yellow-black scarves, huge numbers of fans attend the matches and there is a tram running through the city centre with the sides completely decorated in celebration of the team.

Covered walkway

History of the stadium

The stadium, in its current setup, can fit 32,000 people, all seated and fully covered and is the result of a long series of restoration and renovation works. The new Stade de Suisse / Wankdorf was built in 2005 for the European Football Championship 2008, and some of the play-off matches took place right here, but its history starts immediately after the Second World War.

Bespoke covered walkway

Some fun facts about the Stade de Suisse

The Stade de Suisse is open to visitors throughout the year and not just for sporting events. The entire building was designed as a multifunctional space. Inside the stadium there is a shopping centre and countless spaces dedicated to social activities. The Stade de Suisse can also host a maximum of three concerts a year. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, the Muse, AC/DC, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed on the prestigious Bernese playing field.
The stadium is located in the district of Bern, Wankdorf, about 3 km from the city centre. Given the short distance, you can get to there in about half an hour's walk, while enjoying the peacefulness of the city.

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