News / The Manakara beach club changes its look with an outdoor retractable awning

The Manakara beach club changes its look with an outdoor retractable awning

One of the most popular clubs in the province of Teramo has decided to renew its look with an outdoor retractable awning.

Gardens with shading canopy "Albatro" for the 2018 summer with an exotic feeling

retractable awning for outdoor

The Manakara Beach Club also chooses the tropical chic style for its gardens: combining elegance and design, the renowned restaurant in Tortoreto Lido (Teramo) offers a completely new scenery this summer.

About 10 years after it opened, the Manakara Beach Club decided to revamp its appearance and it enlisted the best experts in the field to do so - Alejandro Bozzi's architecture and design studio with the participation of Fabbi Tende, Giulio Barbieri S.r.l., and Talenti Outdoor Living S.r.l.

The entire project was completed in record time: in just three months, the team of professionals, led by the architect Alejandro Bozzi (A+STUDIO), with the close collaboration of the architect Barbara Cardelli (A+STUDIO) and an external expert in botany (Dr Enrico Di Felice), has been able to implement a design proposal that hit home and gained immediate approval from the client.

The owners of the restaurant (Ennio and Alessandro Lanari) had two main requests. The first one was to give a distinctive touch to the Beach Club Manakara, starting with the stylistic choices of outdoor furniture.

The second was to bring the venue up to the expectations of the new target audience, which was paying increasingly more attention to detail and looking for new sensory experiences.

The goal was achieved: the summer environment of the new Manakara is more than just a garden - it actually looks like an Italian rendition of the island of Koh Samui, in Thailand.

The dense vegetation is king, uncovering little by little the secret nooks of the place and stimulating visitors' curiosity.

The natural lush shapes of the many tropical plants stand out and draw strength from the contrast with the geometric and minimalist style of the furniture, creating a harmonious and relaxing environment.

The space is divided into several comfortable lounge areas arranged on wooden terraces on different levels to create a more intimate and personal atmosphere.

The retractable awning "Albatro", created by Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. of Ferrara, are minimal and seem to be suspended between the branches of the palms, supported by the central uprights that blend in well with the surrounding plants.

All this evokes tropical landscapes and exotic islands, far from the reality of Lido Tortoreto. In short, the new Manakara looks like a wild atoll amidst the composed and linear landscape of the Teramo coast.

The chromatic aspects were also carefully researched: the elegant graphite grey used for sofas and flower pots contrasts with the bright green of the vegetation and the natural colour of the wood.

"We are really enthusiastic about the result" commented the architect Alejandro Bozzi. "

This project has been completed quickly, but in the weeks preceding the start of construction itself our team of experts has worked in synergy to achieve an end result of the highest level, by analysing trends of 2018 and the upcoming years in relation to materials, colour compositions, and structural design.

It's a contemporary place designed to create a perfect environment for meeting and socialising, able to cover all the functions of a public venue.

The choice of materials, the light and the colours become the key components of the project.

They are not a mere consequence, but a prerequisite, a constructive principle that rewards the individual design objectives without exacerbating the complexity of the space.

Various artists have been involved in the project, including masters from Abruzzo, who represent a resource for the local craftsmanship." "I believe that the Manakara restyling project carries in itself great value for the Teramo coast" commented Alessandro Lanari, the owner of the venue. "

First of all, because this is a 100% Made in Italy project, from the conception to the creation; secondly, because its key statement is the redevelopment of our coast.

I am confident that investments of this kind, which combine the interests of the service industry and the attention to architecture and design, are the best tool to support the growth of tourism in our region.

The summer spent at Manakara Beach Club will, therefore, be a summer of contact with nature, enriched with sophisticated details and finishes, which will add substance to the traditional nightlife of Teramo.

A tropical style entirely in line with the trends of the moment, which appears to be the real must-have of summer 2018, even in private houses and gardens.

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