News / The Sanitary Gate disinfection tunnel on Hungarian national TV

The Sanitary Gate disinfection tunnel on Hungarian national TV

November 1st, 2020 - The Sanitary Gate disinfection tunnel, manufactured by the Italian company Giulio Barbieri Srl, became the protagonist of a report on Hungarian national TV after it was installed in the town of Hosszúhetény.

Tunnel di sanificazione contro il Coronavirus

Nelle ultime settimane, la pandemia di Covid-19 ha travolto i paesi dell'Europa orientale che erano stati in qualche modo risparmiati dalla prima ondata. In particolare, l' Ungheria registra una media di 5.000 nuovi casi al giorno con una popolazione di meno di 10 milioni. A partire dal 10 novembre, il paese è entrato in un blocco parziale e il 27 ottobre 2020, appena prima che la situazione peggiorasse, l'amministrazione di Hosszúhetény ha scelto di installare un tunnel di disinfezione della Porta Sanitaria alle porte della città.

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The disinfection tunnel was provided by the Hungarian company Maxatent KFT, partner of Giulio Barbieri Srl. "We wanted to do something useful to tackle the healthcare emergency by offering an effective solution against the virus. We have been working with the Italian company Giulio Barbieri Srl for several years. Italy was severely hit during the first wave and our partner converted its production to provide a disinfection tunnel with a high-precision spraying system. This is how we got the idea to import this product into Hungary and thus help our country to cope with the pandemic," says László Csörnyei, owner of the company. "Sanitary Gate uses a disinfectant that is certified and approved by the Hungarian government and, in just a few seconds, kills up to 99% of the viral load present on any surface without any harm to humans." The installation of the disinfection tunnel in the town of Hosszúhetény was met with enthusiasm from its inhabitants and gained so much resonance that it deserves a dedicated report on the most important national TV channel in the country, the Magyar ATV.

"We are happy to contribute to the battle against the virus in Hungary, where the pandemic is spreading at a worrying rate. We thank our partner Maxatent KFT for the role they played in this and for effectively conveying the added value offered by our product," says Giulio Barbieri. "Like Maxatent KFT in Hungary, here in Italy, we also provide a disinfectant that is up to 99% effective against the virus. This product is certified and harmless when sprayed on people and is the result of a long research carried out in conjunction with local chemical companies. Our solution has been adopted not only by various Local Authorities, but also in industrial and military fields, where the highest quality is required. Our disinfection tunnel is equipped with a high-performance spraying system, which can mix any type of disinfectant or sanitiser accurately and with precision in the required proportions."

Italy and Europe will face months of great difficulties, both in terms of healthcare and economy, but they can count on advanced and innovative technologies, such as the Sanitary Gate, which offer effective tools in the fight against Covid-19.


Sanitising tunnel installed at Hosszúhetény Council

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