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Pvc portable carports, portable garage, portable car canopies, RV shelters, retractable tunnels. Retractable sports tunnels. Temporary warehouses, farm sheds, retractable awnings for warehouses, folding garages.

Aluminium retractable tunnels

Since 1990 we have been walking the best football teams in the world onto the pitch, but this is not all: the quality and wide range of products we offer have conquered key players in the industrial, transport and military sectors.



Tunnel estensibile in allumino e telo PVC ignifugo per aree di collegamento, servizio e tunnel d'ingresso giocatori.


PVC tunnels which can be branded with advertising

Player entrance tunnels are a great opportunity for sponsor branding


Tunnel estensibile in allumino e telo PVC ignifugo, capannoni e magazzini mobili. Tettoia mobile industriale.


PVC industrial tunnels with special bespoke shapes.

The tunnels can slide along wall runners and become retractable industrial canopies


Tunnel estensibile in allumino e telo PVC ignifugo per capannoni e magazzini mobili. Tettoia mobile industriale.


Large retractable tunnels for industrial areas

Temporary warehouses and canopies for production areas up to 12m in length and 5m in height


Full range

The wide range comprises portable carports, connecting tunnels and medium and large sized industrial canopies.

Ready Box 1 Garage

MAX. SIZES: 2,60 m, h. 1,80 m
Ready Box 1 Garage

Ready Box 1 Camper

MAX. SIZES: 4,00 m, h. 3,20 m
Ready Box 1 Camper

Ready Box 1 Tunnel

MAX. SIZES: 3,00 m, h. 2,40 m
Ready Box 1 Tunnel

Ready Box 1 Extra

MAX. SIZES: 4,50 m, h. 3,00 m
Ready Box 1 Extra

Ready Box 2

MAX. SIZES: 8,00 m, h. 4,00 m
Ready Box 2

Ready Box 4

MAX. SIZES: 12,00 m, h. 5,00 m
Ready Box 4

References - Retractable Tunnels Range


Giulio Barbieri as official supplier for the Italian Air Force's retractable coverings

12/03/2015 - The Italian Air Force has chosen the high quality and high performances of our retractable tunnels, appointing our Company as Official supplier for a very bespoke special project.

South Africa - Giulio Barbieri official supplier for retractable tunnels of South Africa World Cup 2010

27/01/2010 - Our "Ready Box Tunnels", already present in the most important and prestigious stadiums of Italy and Europe, arrived in Africa.

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