Acoustic comfort: The importance of sound absorption in meeting the need for silence and privacy

Feeling good in silence: acoustic comfort is the perceived well-being in an environment. We at Giulio Barbieri care about the serenity of our customers. For this reason, we have designed Eclettica, the new product that will be on the market in the next months, created to improve the experience of silence and aid deep relaxation.

How to build a temporary workshop

Would you like to build a workshop in a quick and inexpensive way for temporary or permanent work? The smartest solution for you might be to purchase a temporary structure without foundations. In this article, we are going to analyse the solutions currently available on the market.

Summer 2020: gazebos and retractable tunnels for queueing customers

Since the new social distancing measures have been introduced, our company and our partners in the field of event tent rental are getting numerous requests. The demand is growing for gazebos and retractable tunnels to protect from the sun and the rain the long queues that form outside the offices, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

How to grow your business in the event industry with a simple investment

How has the event business changed? This is the question that those who work in the sector should ask themselves to better understand the needs of their customers and to turn their business around with small investments aimed at updating their product range.

The butterfly effect of photovoltaic panels

Can a photovoltaic panel in Lombardy prevent the formation of a hurricane in Haiti? If you put it like this, probably not, but we are, indeed, already seeing the positive effects of photovoltaics. It has recently become one of the most economically advantageous energy resources: shiny photovoltaic panels are popping up faster and faster on the roofs of our cities and industrial plants.

Pergola or gazebo? QZEBO!

"Qzebo", the sound of this logo recalls the words "cube" and "gazebo", successfully combined to express the achievement of an ambitious goal: the birth of a modern gazebo, characterised by a pure and minimal shape - a simple parallelepiped.

Pantone Living Coral marquees for trendy weddings!

Discover the PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral, the trendiest color of 2019!

Backyard design: here are the 2019 trends!

Tips for turning your garden into a cosy backyard design in line with the new 2019 trends

Movable shelters for the industry: Gread Elettronica's Ready Box 2 retractable connecting tunnel transforms into a temporary warehouse

The Rovereto-based company chooses to optimise resources and contain costs with a retractable mobile tunnel used first as a link between buildings and then as a temporary warehouse

Three reasons for choosing a solar carport

Better on a roof or on a canopy? There is a trend today to convert parking lots into sources of clean energy with self-consumption photovoltaic systems. Here are all the advantages!

A brief history of pagoda tents from ancient times to the present day

What is the story behind the common garden pagoda tent? Discover how this design archetype has developed from the very beginning of human existence!

Pergola: which to choose?

Are you looking for a shady pergola for your garden and don't know how to find your way among the various options present on the market? In this article, you will find some useful tips that will help you to choose the pergola that best suits your needs and your projects.

Temporary building and refreshment area: functionality and practicality combined with logistical requirements

The Ready Box 2 temporary building was chosen as a refreshment area for a big French company active in the energy production sector

Portable work tent: with the retractable aluminium tunnels even the on-site work is safer

Adverse weather conditions, primarily for safety reasons, often do not allow the employees to work on construction sites, especially if they are involved in the construction of high-rise infrastructure related to communications or working on road reconstruction projects.

Temporary warehouses or permanent?

Here's all you need to know about temporary warehouses before you invest in a traditional industrial structure.

Temporary warehouses: what kind of structures do big brands choose when they need more storage space?

Temporary warehouses support large companies in managing the stock of goods, products and equipment.