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Giulio Barbieri Outdoor Solutions specialises in the production of outdoor aluminium covers, such as professional marquees for events, pergolas and sun shade sails, retractable tunnels, carports and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The company was established in 1989 with the creation of the first models of gazebos devised specifically for the rental of temporary structures for events.

Thanks to their attractive design, excellent resistance of materials, and speed of assembly and delivery, the Giulio Barbieri gazebos were chosen and appreciated by most operators in the events sector in Italy and across the world.

Among our major clients are the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the British royal family. The Giulio Barbieri gazebos have been used for the hospitality areas of the greatest sports teams of Moto GP and Formula One, as well as in the setup of major events such as the Olympics.


Tonnelles et chapiteaux

Around the same time, the line of retractable tunnels, also made out of aluminium, made its first appearance.

The know-how gained when working with renters, providing prompt, tailor-made, practical products helped us in the production of these new products, able to adapt to a variety of uses, both in the industrial and in the sports fields.

Thanks to the installation of special connecting modules, the retractable tunnels can adapt to stairs and change direction - a feature that often comes in handy in football stadiums.

Because of these properties and the ease of branding, football clubs have always chosen the Giulio Barbieri tunnels to accompany their teams onto the most famous playing fields, including during Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

In the industrial sector too, the possibilities of use are almost endless.

A retractable tunnel is a smart logistics solution that allows companies to create temporary warehouses and connections between production departments, or to host works that are only carried out occasionally, optimising the available space.


footballtunnel Giulio Barbieri

Tunnel estensibili e capannoni retrattili in alluminio

In 2010 the company went through a big transformation with the birth of two other very successful production branches: shading structures for outdoor furniture and solar carports.

Once again, the engineers, designers, and architects of the design team have been able to create products that can be defined as "ethical", i.e. products in line with the new stylistic trends, available at a competitive price, thanks to a minimalist design, able to guarantee a long service life of the products.

The design and the very high quality of these products make it so that even the very demanding customers, such as event facilities rental companies requiring structures that can withstand continuous and frequent assembly, disassembly, and transport cycles for years, are confident in their performance.

As far as the solar panel sector is concerned, Giulio Barbieri created a self-supporting aluminium carport on reinforced concrete bases that stand directly on the ground. The installation without foundation works attracted the attention of many industrial companies, traders, and public administration technicians, interested in covering their parking spaces in a just few days without experiencing the inconvenience of a building site for several weeks.

The Giulio Barbieri carports are also appreciated by private individuals as they are easy to customise with elegant colours to match prestigious houses.

The solar carport is also gaining visibility abroad: Oslo, the European Green Capital 2019, chose it for the brand new hub dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility.

One of the latest Giulio Barbieri products are the charging stations for electric vehicles. They even aroused the curiosity of German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself, during her visit to the eco-sustainable project in Rügen, an island in northern Germany, where the Giulio Barbieri charging stations were among the many innovative products dedicated to e-mobility.


Abris voiture et recharge véhicules électriques

Giulio Barbieri has always invested most of its energy in research and development in order to fully satisfy its customers with personalised design solutions.

It always aims to find solutions rather than just products and, even though the manufacture is at an industrial scale, the company never completely abandoned its artisan style of doing, focused on listening carefully to the customer.

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