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The customer comes first - the real hero!

20 August 2021 - The key to saving the environment is in the hands of each of us. When consumers choose Giulio Barbieri's products, they recognize them as a means of helping the ecosystem and promoting an ecological transition.

Understanding your options: the first step towards making informed choices

A shift from intensive, unsustainable production systems and resource exploitation to a transitional model that promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Herein lies the solution to a problem that hangs over all of humanity and threatens its very existence. Our E-Power products reflect our goal-oriented experience, which means not only making the production process more sustainable, but also to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Through our products, we contribute to people’s daily lives, and offer differentiated solutions for industry, community, and family. Giulio Barbieri pioneered a technological solution composed of award-winning hardware and supported by related services with the best quality-price ratio for users. Our systems’ depreciation cycles last for seven years, and their net utility is then ensured for another 20 years. At Giulio Barbieri, there are no green gimmicks, only ethical sense, practical solutions, real products, and kept promises. We are not playing with our future, or aiming for temporary fixes. We build to be, not to own.

Our hero is the customer: When they choose our photovoltaic systems, our customers are committing to the reduction in CO2 emissions and an asset that will last for the next 25 years, not only for themselves, but also for the their communities. Choosing Giulio Barbieri's E-Power products means multiplying these ecological and environmental benefits. We have a dream of creating an offer that increases the awareness of end users and procurers by commissioning photovoltaic technology capable of generating tens of gigawatts of solar production over many decades, as well as eliminating millions of tons of CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, thanks to someone who chose us, wanted us, and understood us.

 Solar carport and charging station Evo-Bike

Customers today have to juggle counterfeits, fakes, opportunists, and speculators, which constitute a minefield that can be very difficult to navigate.

The hero is essentially a stranger: he acts alone, is free from all constraint, and performs a generous and courageous act involving a high-risk conscious challenge to advance the common good. He confronts ordinary reality with determination, and challenges his fears head-on. The hero is faced with a journey that can be seen as a metaphor for contemporary life. The hero always arrives at a better place than the one from which he started, having himself become a better, more mature, and more aware person. The brand is not a heroic option, but a utilitarian one. The customer is the true explorer, capable of making heroic choices.

It is not the company that will save the environment. It is the customer who has the ability to choose well, and to become the protagonist of environmental protection by choice. Giulio Barbieri studies and designs its products with total respect for the environment, but there is nothing we can do if the customer does not accept our offer. The hero, our customer, is therefore the one who has the vision to become the protagonist, the hero, the main actor, the center of the show, the seed that we cultivate, fertilize, and water. This is how it is possible to create photovoltaic fields that use our planet’s most natural resource: the sun.

Fortunately, today's customers are increasingly aware of environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and health. Our task is to provide products that meet their needs and guide them to make the best choices for their daily livesIn stories, the hero is always supported in his quest by others: a mentor, an assistant, a magical object. This is what we want to be at Giulio Barbieri: helping heroes to take the right path by guaranteeing them a quality product, totally in line with expectations and capable of protecting the environment.