Events / Giulio Barbieri outdoor canopies at the "Fuorisalone" in Milan (Itlay)

Giulio Barbieri outdoor canopies at the "Fuorisalone" in Milan (Itlay)

Giulio Barbieri S.r.l. presented the new outdoor canopies "Albatro" and "Velora" at Wellbeing in Outdoor, the exhibition event scheduled for the Fuorisalone during the Milan Design Week.

Interview with the owner Giulio Barbieri.

Tell us about the experience at Wellbeing in Outdoor.

Our shade structures and garden sails have been exhibited in Piazza Tre Torri in Milan, in a wonderful context: other designers have matched their products with ours and this fact has been a great satisfaction for us. We put ourselves alongside big companies and this motivated us even more to refine our design. The sun shade canopies we exhibited and which represent the cutting edge of the new collection are very minimal, light, discreet and elegant. Many architects and curious people from all over the world come to our outdoor shelters, they ask for information and take pictures of our models.

What makes Giulio Barbieri products unique?

The main feature is the absence of engines and complicated mechanisms that make the outdoor canopies very expensive and complicate its operation. We took a step back: as Henry Ford said "All that is not there can not be broken" and we have removed everything that we think could affect the durability and functionality of the product. We have simplified assembly operations to the utmost: anyone, anywhere in the world, is able to assamble the awning according to the detailed instructions that we provide. Our products do not need maintenance because they do not break.

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