News / Artena Srl chooses Qzebo, the modern gazebo, to lift up the Blue Monday mood at the #StayCremoso event in Milan

Artena Srl chooses Qzebo, the modern gazebo, to lift up the Blue Monday mood at the #StayCremoso event in Milan

On the occasion of Blue Monday, Artena Srl, a large company from Milan operating in communications and event organisation, chose the modern gazebo Qzebo to set up a special and "cremoso" flash mob, sponsored by a company that produces a famous spreadable cheese.

As many of you know, Monday, 20th January 2020 was Blue Monday. Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January, usually the third Monday of the month. In 2005, Sky Travel, published a press release, declaring that they had calculated the date of the saddest day of the year. The UK holiday company took into account factors, such as weather conditions, the time elapsed since Christmas, people giving up on their New Year's resolutions, and the low motivation levels.

Today, 15 years later, this day is commemorated and celebrated worldwide. In fact, there are numerous Blue Monday events. Qzebo, the new modern gazebo by Giulio Barbieri, was the protagonist of one of these events: a colourful flash mob organised by a leading American dairy company, in Piazza Gae Aulenti, a symbol of contemporary Milan.

Modern gazebo QzeboArtena Srl, a Milan agency specialising in the planning of unconventional communication activities, took care of the setup of the square. Artena Srl boasts among its clients such important companies as KIA Motors Italia, Red Bull, MKTG Italia and YAM112003, the creative agency that managed this project.

The team of experts from Artena Srl chose to invest into two 4x4m Qzebos, with a white blackout PVC cover, put side by side and joined using a system of aluminium gutters.

"For us as a fitting team, it is essential to have a versatile structure like Qzebo. It makes the whole creative process so much easier! The original super-lowered peak of this modern gazebo, as well as being very elegant, allows you to work much better than classic tents with a pointed roof. It leaves us free to create any type of graphic customisation," these are the words of Andrea Bettini, managing partner of Artena Srl.

Bespoke gazeboIn this particular case, the two Giulio Barbieri Qzebos were used as the base of a skilful and very special work of preparation: a desk area was created for the distribution of personalised gadgets, delimited by a back wall divided into two parts. An LED wall was installed on one side and, on the other, a soft white panel reminiscent of the creaminess of the cheese produced by the client company. Anyone could use this space to create original shots and post them on their social channels, together with the hashtag of the day: #STAYCREMOSO.
From outside, the structure was decorated using the brand colours in a creative and unusual way, with blue, red, and white stripes and walls along the entire perimeter of the structure.

It was not a coincidence that the event took place on Blue Monday: the entire flash mob carried the delightful hashtag #STAYCREMOSO, a hymn that calls for a new way of thinking, always looking at the positive side and smoothing the edges.

"We think it is also important to point out that Sunday, 19th January was the day dedicated to the setup and it was pouring rain in Milan".
Bettini continues by saying, "The practicality of the Qzebo assembly process allowed us not to make any mistakes, despite the vexing weather conditions. Of course, we got wet, but everything went smoothly!" Qzebo is a very solid structure, but it is also extremely easy to assemble.

Marquees for events since 1990
The modern gazebo Qzebo continues to surprise and satisfy the needs of the most demanding fitters and renters, thanks to the thirty-year experience in the field.
In fact, the Italian company Giulio Barbieri has been making gazebos for fairs and events since 1990. The efficient assembly system and the high resistance of materials have always been the two key elements of production of gazebos suitable for both temporary and permanent use.

In 2018 the Qzebo was born: the classic pagoda shape was abandoned in favour of a practically flat, almost invisible peak and the resistant PVC sheet ties to the structure with extreme elegance, disappearing inside an extruded aluminium profile along the perimeter. The result is a new, extremely clean and simple shape, which deserves its place in the history of modern outdoor furniture design.

Working with dynamic and creative companies like Artena Srl allows us to continuously grow and improve our products for fitters and renters.
Blue Monday? No, stay cremoso… with Qzebo!

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