News / Blood tests to protect workers: Giulio Barbieri chooses to immediately invest in safety

Blood tests to protect workers: Giulio Barbieri chooses to immediately invest in safety

Giulio Barbieri Srl is one of the companies who have chosen to invest in the new serological test with the highest reliability to safeguard its employees.

At the moment, Giulio Barbieri has chosen to completely convert its production and dedicate its efforts to designing the Sanitary Gate. This new structure consists of an aluminium tunnel equipped with a hydraulic or pneumatic system of nozzles, strategically positioned inside, that can spray detergents or sanitisers.

Converting the entire production system required a lot of courage and a deep-rooted spirit of not giving up. Instead, the company is adjusting its operation to the needs of a society that has been put in great difficulty by the health emergency.
Today everyone's priority is safety in the broad sense: producing Sanitary Gate means giving the public a tool able to meet the current need to maintain a high level of hygiene, especially in crowded environments, such as companies, hospitals, and public places in general.

Company safety comes, first of all, from the protection of employees, which is why the management of Giulio Barbieri Srl chose to invest, since the very the beginning of this health emergency, in the basic safety equipment such as gloves, masks, and sanitising gels, whilst making sure that every worker has been given clear behavioural guidelines. However, a further precaution was missing, and in recent days, the management has also offered all employees the possibility to undergo the new serological test. This quick blood test identifies the presence of antibodies to the virus and thus, whether the infection has already occurred, and the person is, therefore, immune. This initiative, welcomed by all the company staff, was made possible thanks to the work carried out by the Laboratorio Analisi Salvi di Cento (Province of Ferrara).

Sanitizing tunnel "Sanitary Gate" by Giulio BarbieriThis type of test is proving extremely useful in restarting the community, the so-called Phase 2. The reopening of the entire production chain is highlighting how important it is to identify those who have had the infection but without symptoms or with such mild symptoms that they were not diagnosed. The aim is to establish whether a person has been affected by the virus, even unknowingly, and is immune for a certain period of time. This data is crucial and fundamental for the reopening phase.

This is why the word "safety" is becoming more and more of a common thread for Giulio Barbieri Srl. This keyword describes and characterises this unusual period: safety within our company and safety for everyone provided by the new Sanitary Gate tunnel that is gaining success all over the world.
Today the attention is rightfully directed towards the new Phase 2 of this serious health emergency: the return to normality, to the new everyday life is making us the protagonists of new habits and new lifestyles.

The urgent need to restart the Italian economy as soon as possible cannot overshadow the need to do so in complete safety and the Ferrara-based company Giulio Barbieri is a prime example of how these two realities can and must coexist.