News / Enjoy the Diriyah Season in Saudi Arabia in the shade of a free-standing Kube canopy just like in "One Thousand and One Nights"

Enjoy the Diriyah Season in Saudi Arabia in the shade of a free-standing Kube canopy just like in "One Thousand and One Nights"

Giulio Barbieri's free-standing Kube canopy arrives in Saudi Arabia for a significant event that draws the attention of an entire nation: the Diriyah Season.

The Diriyah Season is a month full of entertainment, cultural events, and sports competitions held at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Riyadh Diriyah, the cradle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The festival will take place from 22 November to 21 December 2019 and will bring in lovers of sport, entertainment, and good food: a month full of energy, excitement, elegance, and memorable moments.
Known as "The Land of Kings and Heroes", just minutes from the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh inaugurates a long series of international events: from the Boxing Championship to the Formula E-racing, the Tennis Cup, and an Equestrian Festival.

Free-standing canopy
One of the key hotels known for its premium hospitality chose to put up about 20 free-standing Kube canopies in its rooftop area.
The ceiling is an actual shading canopy made of a mesh PVC fabric which creates an elegant and soft atmosphere by gently filtering the sunlight. From here you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the Diriyah Arena racing circuit which can hold about 15 000 people.

In fact, the Royal Family of the Saudi Kingdom and numerous prominent guests of the company watched the first race of the 6th season of FIA ABB Formula E from this very rooftop. This championship is the world's most prestigious motor sports event that is contributing massively to the development of new technologies, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

The Diriyah season in a nutshell

The Diriyah Season takes place entirely in Diriyah, a place that dates to 1774 and is now more than ever ready to welcome international tourists together with its surrounding district of At-Turaif. The whole area is undergoing an ambitious development program which will see thousands of trees planted, as well as new trails, picnic areas, and pedestrian pathways.

On the other side of the At-Turaif valley lies Al Bujairi, an area that continues to serve as the cultural capital of the Kingdom since the first Saudi State was founded. Today, Al Bujairi is the perfect afternoon escape from the city and a place where visitors can experience authentic Saudi cuisine and hospitality while surrounded by lush vegetation.

Free-standing canopy

An international collaboration

The preparation of the Diriyah Season 2019 has been entirely managed by the English company Arena Middle East & Asia.
The latter provides solutions for the most prestigious sporting, commercial, and cultural events, as well as offering a premium rental service with a wide selection of high-quality furniture for luxury weddings, gala dinners, corporate and private events.

"Arena Middle East & Asia chose Kube because it is a versatile, elegant, and easy to assemble aluminium structure. It is ideal for covering terraces and creating elegant shaded areas."
These are the words of Simona Rizzardi, foreign market coordinator at the Ferrara-based company, Giulio Barbieri.

"The collaboration between Giulio Barbieri and Arena Middle East & Asia has been going on for over ten years. This company works with some of the most important clients in the sectors of sports, music, media, corporate meetings, conferences and exhibitions, political events and ceremonies."
Simona Rizzardi continues: "We are very proud to have among our collaborators companies such as Arena Middle East & Asia that allow us to bring the Made in Italy all over the world, to places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and many others."

Free-standing canopy
This is not the first time that Giulio Barbieri's aluminium canopies were used in the Middle East and Asia.
During the Saudi International European Golf Tournament, held in Dubai from 31 January to 3 February 2019, the entire relax area was set up on a raised hill using a dozen free-standing shading Kube canopies that allowed guests to watch the golf champions compete on the green from a privileged point of view.

Major retail companies from all over the world continue to choose Giulio Barbieri's festival tents and structures for events thanks to their quality and practicality of use.

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