News / Formula 1 World Cup 2023: Giulio Barbieri gazebos set up merchandising area

Formula 1 World Cup 2023: Giulio Barbieri gazebos set up merchandising area

For the second year in a row, Giulio Barbieri has been reconfirmed as the supplier of facilities for Formula 1 races around the world, strengthening its partnership with its exclusive dealer for this project, which has offices throughout Europe and headquarters in Canada.


Giulio Barbieri has entered into a partnership with Fans Experience s.a. for the development, design, and manufacturing of Qzebo tents and Pit Stop structures. Fans Experience s.a. is a service provider for numerous events worldwide, including renowned motorsport championships such as Formula One and Formula E.

As early as last season, the input was clear: to install innovative and visually striking structures to accommodate F1 outlets available to fans, further embellished with dedicated graphics and advertising images. The new 2023 collection calls for a further renovation of merchandising areas: Giulio Barbieri takes up the challenge and here the Miami, Monaco, and Barcelona GPs use a world premiere: the "Pit Stop", a mobile, uniquely shaped, extendable pop-up shop designed for a record time installation of a resale area, a turnkey product even equipped with LED lighting and dedicated flooring.

Pit Stop e Qzebo

Pit Stop and Qzebo at the stage in the Principality of Monaco

The QZEBO, which was so successful in the past 2022 season, is being reinvented as the "half QZEBO" to be even more high-performance in its distinguishing functions and always with a view to being unrivalled in circuits around the world. Giulio Barbieri reconfirms the success of an excellence completely made in Italy.