News / Giulio Barbieri: An Emotional Journey through Passion, Harmony, and Creativity

Giulio Barbieri: An Emotional Journey through Passion, Harmony, and Creativity

We are thrilled to present our corporate video, an emotional journey to discover what we represent and believe in. Giulio Barbieri is more than just a company; it is a vision that has evolved over time, and one that we now wish to share with you.

Our Roots

It all began back in 1989, amidst the enchanting countryside of Ferrara. This land has deeply inspired us and shaped the essence of who we are today. Ferrara is a city that captures the heart with the charm of the Middle Ages and the elegance of the Renaissance. It is a place where beauty merges with the simplicity of nature, and the harmonious relationship with it teaches us to reach the essence of everything.

Where Creativity is Born

At Giulio Barbieri, we have always believed in the importance of respecting traditions while embracing creativity and innovation. We have taken the ancient and transformed it into something new, never forgetting our roots. The old barn and farmhouse, together with the extensive production area built in the surrounding space, have become a meeting point between the past and the future, where rural architecture and modern design harmoniously merge.

Tradition and Beauty

At Giulio Barbieri, tradition has joined beauty, creating a harmonious and astonishing place where works of art and unique objects find a perfect location in a tidy and welcoming environment. Every detail at Giulio Barbieri is of importance, and the combination of art, tradition, and innovation allows us to tell a story of ancient values and creativity, hospitality, and originality.

A Brilliant Insight

Everything stems from a brilliant vision: to create an environment where anyone working with us can naturally reflect the beauty and richness of this place through their work, regardless of their role. The passion and pride that each of us puts into our work contribute to creating an authentic and engaging atmosphere, where the essence of Giulio Barbieri comes to life.

The World We Imagine

We envision a world where every human-inhabited place is characterized by intelligent architectures that respond to the real needs of human beings and are in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. In this future, waste reduction, product durability, and their eco-sustainable nature will be the pillars of a new way of inhabiting the planet.

Our mission is to remain faithful to our identity linked to the territory of Ferrara, a place steeped in Renaissance culture that exalts the harmony between man and nature. Within this scope, we are determined to innovate tradition without disrupting its cornerstones, promoting ethical solutions tailored to human needs, which can integrate renewable energy sources. Our goal is to offer you intelligent, highly functional, and aesthetically satisfying solutions, capable of providing diverse answers according to each individual's requirements, never conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach.


Giulio Barbieri is more than just a company; it is a vision, a place where passion and tradition blend to create something extraordinary. We are proud to invite you to be part of this emotional adventure, where authenticity and connection with nature lead us towards a bright and exciting future. You are all welcome to the heart of Giulio Barbieri.


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