News / Oslo, the European Green Capital of 2019, hosts Giulio Barbieri's solar carports

Oslo, the European Green Capital of 2019, hosts Giulio Barbieri's solar carports

Move About, a renowned Norwegian company, chose Pensilsole, a solar carport manufactured by the Ferrara-based Giulio Barbieri, for the creation of a charging station for electric vehicles as part of the brand new hub dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility in Oslo, the heart of green innovation and European Green Capital 2019.

A new Mobilitetspunkt, or a Mobility Hub in English, was set up among the many eco-friendly innovations on show in Oslo. This is a true hub of e-mobility run by Move About. One of the protagonists here are the Pensilsole solar carports by Giulio Barbieri, used as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Solar carport Oslo

At Oslo's first Mobility Hub in Filipstad near Aker Brygge, in the heart of Oslo, members of the Move About platform can access numerous charging points for their electric vehicles, such as bikes, motorbikes, and cars.

This project has been made possible thanks to various Norwegian institutions, such as Ruter, a company that manages public transport in Oslo and Akershus, Statens vegvesen, a government agency responsible for national and county public roads in Norway, and Bymiljøetaten, Oslo's Urban Environment Agency, as part of the "Smart Transport Oslo Region" initiative.

What is Move About and what do they do?

Move About was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing its members with practical and affordable mobility that uses the minimum amount of energy, production resources, and public space. To achieve this, they developed a car-sharing system with electric cars. Move About operates a public fleet of electric vehicles open to individuals and companies in need of environmentally friendly mobility for short periods and also provides car-sharing services. Move About is one of the largest fleets of electric cars in Norway to date.

Solar carport Pensilsole - Move About

Oslo, European Green Capital 2019

Oslo has become a city that puts its citizens first: since many areas of the city centre have been closed to traffic, streets and squares are now filled with people who enjoy a meal or a utepils with friends (utepils is a Norwegian term that refers to a beer drunk outdoors) or who can simply move around comfortably on foot or by bike. The seafront, which in the past was reserved for railway tracks and was mostly occupied by motorways and shipping containers, now has paths for pedestrians and cyclists between the numerous beaches and emerging districts.

Oslo European Green Capital 2019

Marianne Alfsen, the Oslo Head of Communications, also said that this will be an opportunity to "give the people of Oslo and its visitors real festive moments". Throughout the year, the city has become the ideal place for all those who want the world to be a better place.

Some of the official events organised in the Green Capital are riverside walks, days of activities at the city's lakes, wildflower safaris, and bee tours. Did you know that bees have a dedicated highway to cross Oslo? The project was born in 2015 and has been developing steadily throughout the years. It aims to safeguard one of the most important insects for the preservation of life on Earth. The bee highway is a route that meanders through the city: every 250 meters, on roofs and balconies of houses, there are pollen stations consisting of flowerpots that house and feed bees and bumblebees that, otherwise, would not be able to survive.

We are very proud to have contributed this project with our solar carport, the Pensilsole in one of the most advanced countries in terms of technological innovation and sustainability.

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