News / The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels and covered walkways are protagonists of the most famous oriental television sets

The Giulio Barbieri football tunnels and covered walkways are protagonists of the most famous oriental television sets

Super Soccer TV and Japanese Television choose the Giulio Barbieri football tunnels and covered walkway for their television sets.

Football tunnels and covered walkways by Giulio Barbieri Srl have been chosen as stage elements for the most famous sports show of the Indonesian platform Super Soccer TV and for a Japanese commercial that will feature one of the most important players of the current football scene and winner of several Ballon d'Or awards.

The Indonesian platform Super Soccer TV, a leader in the world of Eastern sports television, will use the Giulio Barbieri football tunnels and covered walkways on the set of "I Got Game". This competition sees professional footballers such as Iván Ramiro Córdoba, Hernán Crespo, Nicola Ventola, and John Arne Riise lead teams of video game enthusiasts in a virtual football match. The program was filmed and directed by 20 Red Lights Srl, an advertising production company based in Milan, at a studio in Cologno Monzese. The entire set was directed by Mirwan Suwarso, while the stage design was curated by Davide Cardillo, a prominent and well-known set designer from Milan.


"We needed to contextualise the arrival of the competitors by evoking the atmosphere of the stadium, so we thought of the image of players entering the field before the whistle through the classic football tunnel, the covered walkway that connects the locker rooms. We were able to create suspense by filming the competitors and their feelings of excitement and anticipation followed by their entrance into the studio set up with a grandstand, benches, and a green lawn.

I thought that no tunnel would look more professional than those used in the most major stadiums of the world. That's how we decided to turn to Giulio Barbieri, the official supplier of football tunnels for Champions League," says Cardillo. He then explains the reasoning behind the colours chosen for the set: "we used almost exclusively the flaming red colour that represents the identity of the Super Soccer TV for all the elements of the set, including the tunnel that was already assembled and ready to use when it arrived.

The presence of the Giulio Barbieri retractable tunnels on the small screen is not limited to Indonesia but has reached even Japan, where the most talked-about footballer of the moment will appear in an advert for a male cosmetic product.
The Turin-based company Four Studios Communication, a major film production studio, directed the entire advertising set, simulating the exit of the famous footballer from the stadium through the Giulio Barbieri football tunnel, while a crowd of fans cheers on him.

"The ad is for a shampoo and we needed to convey concepts of cleanliness and order through the elements of the set design. For this reason, we specifically chose Giulio Barbieri tunnels - they are functional and aesthetically pleasing," says Donato Catena, coordinator and head of Four Studios Communication.



"We are proud to display our products next to the most influential characters of today's football scene. It allows us to strengthen our image in the East, and the fact that the various television productions have chosen our retractable tunnels without hesitation is a powerful confirmation of the high quality of work done to date, carried out with professionalism and passion.

What characterises our retractable tunnels is their practicality and versatility. It only takes a few minutes to close or open the tunnel, which is vital when working with the strict deadlines dictated by the stadium during the matches. Additionally, the need to create a quick shelter for players also exists in the arenas, where the spaces are smaller," says Giulio Barbieri, the owner of the company.

"Our tunnels are appreciated for their functionality, but they are also in high demand because of their ease of customisation. All sorts of structures can be created specifically for each client's individual needs. For example, we can work with slope changes that are often a recurring problem in many sports facilities, but not only.



In the United States and the United Kingdom, sports events are often accompanied by impressive effects made with branded elements. Every year we create retractable tunnels with graphic customisations for this market. The cover sheets are divided into individual modules that can be easily replaced in case of breakage or to renew the graphics that are printed directly on the PVC surface.

In addition to the range designed for the stadiums, our company also produces big-size tunnels for the industrial sector. We are the only company in the world capable of producing retractable tunnels up to 6 metres high and 15 metres wide, which can be closed and opened manually in just a few minutes. This means being able to solve logistical problems and allow companies to optimise the use of their open spaces without hindering the various production activities by building permanent structures."

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